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Introducing LandmarkManager for Maya: Streamline Your Character Modeling Workflow with Consistency and Efficiency!

Are you seeking a way to maintain consistency in the use of a base mesh across multiple characters in a production or small/personal project? Struggling with the use of topology efficiently? Or perhaps you're a novice modeler looking to study topology through highlighted areas? LandmarkManager is here to save the day! This Python tool, explicitly designed for Maya and ZBrush users, revolutionizes your character modeling workflow by promoting efficiency, and consistency, and providing an excellent learning resource for those new to the craft.

With LandmarkManager, you can create, edit, import, and export color shading sets (Landmarks), providing a color-coded visual reference when working with character topologies. This powerful tool facilitates the consistent use of a base mesh, resulting in a more efficient pipeline for rigging, look development, and grooming.

LandmarkManager ensures smooth integration between Maya and ZBrush by sending Landmarks as symmetrical Polygroups to ZBrush or importing them back from ZBrush, fostering a seamless workflow between both software.

Key Features:

  • Enhance your character modeling workflow with consistency.
  • Create, edit, import, and export color Landmarks.
  • Edit and manipulate your landmarks in a smart and efficient way.
  • Easy Mirror and Flip shaded faces.
  • Edit your landmarks on a single mesh, or in multiple meshes at once.
  • Experience seamless integration between Maya and ZBrush.
  • Transfer Landmarks to single or multiple meshes instantly.
  • Integrate with other powerful tools like MeshManager and CreaseManager for a seamless workflow experience, creating a powerhouse of efficiency and productivity.

Upgrade your character modeling workflow now with LandmarkManager! Experience the benefits of a more efficient and consistent process, and unlock the full potential of your 3D models. Don't wait – elevate your creations and make your way to Gumroad to revolutionize your modeling workflow.

Note: The 3D models displayed in the images above are not included in this tool.

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Please refer to the tool's documentation page for a complete overview of installing and using the tool.

Support / Feedback

If you experience any trouble with the tool feel free to reach out using this Contact Form. Feedback & suggestions are very welcome.

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Compatible with Maya:
2020 and earlier, 2022, 2023 & 2024
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