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Introducing MeshManager for Maya: Optimize Your Character Data Management aiming for Precision and Productivity!

Are you struggling to manage and reuse character data across multiple characters in a production or small/personal project? Tired of spending precious time on tedious manual mesh management? Seeking a way to focus on the creative aspects of modeling and sculpting without getting bogged down in the technical details? MeshManager is here to save the day! This ultimate Python tool for Maya revolutionizes your character modeling workflow by promoting efficiency, and consistency, allowing you to focus on the artistic side of your project while MeshManager handles the data.

Key Features:

  • Efficiently manage various mesh classes, types, and LODs (Level Of Detail) with ease, increasing productivity and allowing you to concentrate on the creative process.
  • Import and export meshes and their associated data, including landmarks, creases, symmetry, topology, and UV sets, making it easier than ever to collaborate and share resources.
  • Customize mesh classes, types, and LODs for tailored workflows and specific project requirements, giving you complete control and adaptability.
  • Customize your outliner hierarchy and recreate it anytime needed, streamlining the organization and improving workflow efficiency.
  • Transfer mesh attributes and IDs seamlessly between source and target meshes, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring consistency across your characters.
  • Mirror and flip selected meshes instantly and effortlessly, whether working with just one or multiple meshes at once, providing versatility and flexibility in your workflow.
  • Integrate with other powerful tools like LandmarkManager and CreaseManager for a seamless workflow experience, creating a powerhouse of efficiency and productivity.

By optimizing your character modeling workflow with MeshManager, you can effectively streamline your production pipeline, making it easier to create, modify, and reuse character data. Achieve stunning, high-quality models while maintaining flexibility and simplicity in your workflow, enabling you to focus on the creative aspects of modeling and sculpting.

Invest in MeshManager today and experience the future of efficient character modeling management. Transform your workflow and unlock your full potential as a character modeler.

Note: The 3D models displayed in the images above are not included in this tool.

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Support / Feedback

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2020 and earlier, 2022, 2023 & 2024
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